Making space amid chaos

Sometimes you just need to let yourself be. To let yourself exist.

Space is a good thing. It lets us recharge. Turn off. Or on. Space lets us breathe and affords us the opportunity to think. To reflect. Space lets us replay moments we’ve experienced in time, assess them as best we can, and connect dots to see things in new ways. Space breathes life.

Yet how often do we truly give ourselves space?

We get so caught up in the rat race of life that we sometimes may find ourselves overwhelmed by the world around us. So much so that I write about this overwhelm frequently, because it’s often on my mind.

For me, life has been overwhelming. It’s been too much, for too long.

The sickness and passing of my mom, quickly followed by the immense joy of getting married, all in the midst of a high-pressure startup career, made for a challenging blend of life that surely has taken its toll on my mental health. It feels as though everything has been a struggle, despite all the goodness that permeates my life. Many days have been stressful and full of anxiety, yet time keeps moving and I keep marching on. When the going gets rough, the rough keep going. I modified it a bit.

Life can really shake you up, but it can also fill you with joy. Perhaps that’s the magic secret: seeking joy.

Joy is the most beautiful feeling throughout the body, but the chatty world around us teaches we are all in search of happiness. HAPPINESS! As if happiness is some attainable object that can be displayed in the center of the dining table. The world around us teaches us to listen to other people and chase after illusions that only cloud the mind and attempt to break the spirit.

Yet we know better than that.

We know that the world around us can only offer up lessons, but it’s up to us to pay attention, stay tuned in, and do the best we can.

By giving yourself space, and listening to what your body is telling you, you may discover new levels of joy that stem from things in your life as they are right now, and not what you think they could become.

You have all you need. You just need to make the space to recognize it.