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Hi, I’m Mike!

Strategist & Catalyst for Creativity & Change

I coach people and teams to become the best versions of themselves by learning, growing, and evolving through the mindful practices of introspection, reflection, and experimentation.

Really, I spend my time helping people understand themselves and the people around them.


But mostly, I help people solve problems.

I also wrote a book! It’s available now and ready to help you make things better.

Clear Path Forward: A Workbook About WorkI’m on a mission to help you rediscover what life is all about.

My belief is that there’s more to life than work, yet our connected, technology-driven workplaces have filled our lives with so much stress and anxiety that we’ve lost sight of what it means to be a human being, and are at risk of burning out for good.

In short, I think the way we work — and live — is very, very broken, and largely due for an update. So in effort to make work better while helping people find more joy and meaning in their lives, I wrote a book to get you started creating the changes you deem necessary to do your best work while rediscovering what matters most to you.

Clear Path Forward is a digital workbook written as a hands-on guide to reducing overwhelm, creating change, and making progress.

I wrote it to help you improve your focus and attention — and become more effective at your work — so you feel more agency and ownership over your time, your work, and your life. Sound interesting?