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Black Lives Matter


Hi, I’m Mike. I’m glad you’re here.

I help people rethink, reimagine, and redesign how we live and work in our modern age. This includes building inclusive and equitable organizations, communities, and systems.

For years I’ve worked to help people and teams adopt human-centered principles in service of building capacity and working better together. Now I’m figuring out how to infuse antiracist values and action into my work.

I’m experimenting with thinking in public, so I share my ideas, experiences, and takeaways as I explore and learn. This is hard work requiring lots of support, so I try to model open, honest, and vulnerable dialogue with people. We all benefit from learning about the perspectives of others.

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A glimpse of my work

Coach teams to rapidly and smoothly transition to fully remote ways of working and collaborating

Improve operations by teaching new ways of working and leading changes in behavior

Facilitate workshops that deliver fresh perspectives, leadership alignment, and decision making

Provide a deep understanding of human experiences within our complex healthcare system

Facilitate strategy development and leadership alignment for a high-growth field sales team

Coach a leadership team to align around long-term vision and strategy for their civic tech company

Define product roadmap and align leadership team of an entertainment company building new tech

Craft brand positioning and messaging and create sales collateral for an emerging tech company