Now leading Optimization and Sustainability Solutions

It’s taken me 36+ years to fully recognize and embrace the fact that my passion for sustainability and the environment aligns perfectly with my career aspirations and experiences.

Throughout those decades (!!!), I’ve been actively engaged in reducing waste, reusing materials, growing food, and volunteering to reduce plastic pollution in my region. My dedication to these causes, combined with 15+ years of organizational strategy, design, and operations experience, has led me to where I am today: embarking on a new and exciting adventure as the Director of Optimization and Sustainability Solutions at GreenBlue Org!

In this role, I have the opportunity to blend personal passion with professional experience by:

  1. Facilitating effective organizational strategy, operations, and design to optimize the way our team works together towards our shared vision of a sustainable and circular economy

  2. Building an advisory services practice to provide expert guidance and support to 800+ member organizations in their efforts to advance sustainability through the development of robust goals, strategies, and roadmaps

I am beyond grateful for the support and encouragement of those who helped me quickly bounce back when I unexpectedly lost my job in late 2022, and am thrilled to be stepping into a position where I can continue to support a high-performing team on a critical mission. An extra special thanks to Paul Nowak for partnering in the design of a role that works for both the organization’s needs and my personal goals.

Here we go!! -Mike