What does having enough time feel like?

I'm excited to share that Just Stop, my new book written alongside my friend Dain Saint, is now available—FOR FREE—to blowup your perception of spacetime!

Just Stop — Read for free!

Just kidding; we're not actually getting into anything remotely close to physics. Or space, for that matter. BUT, we're both giant nerds, so if you want to nerd out for a while just hit us up online.

That aside...

This project has been in the making for several months, and like most creative projects, has morphed and evolved through many forms along the way.

We started this project with the desire to make a course.

We wanted to teach people how to experience time in new ways.

Ways that would lead to less stress, overwhelm, and anxiety about “not having enough time,” and instead, fill people up with abundance, gratitude, and recognition that each of us has all the time we need, if only we were to just stop what we’re doing and take a breather when we need one.

As we were writing the outline and content for the course, we realized that what we were creating was more along the lines of existential musings than it was a tangible set of skills we could teach people to use. It was also something we felt deserved to be free in the world, out there for anyone to experience with zero barriers to entry.

So, we reevaluated how to best deliver the messages we each felt compelled to share.

And thus, Just Stop the book was born!

Alex Hillman likes it ?

After many conversations about how to release it—Do we sell it? How much do we charge? Who will buy it? Can we really sell something we believe should be free for all to benefit from and still fall sleep at night?—we decided to try something different and fully embrace the spirit of abundance.

To us, that meant putting the entirety of our work online—and making it freely available for anyone who wants to read it.

So, you could, right now, go read 100% of what we wrote—and do so entirely for free.

Start reading Just Stop right now!

For those of you who find yourselves enjoying what you read and wanting to support us and our creative endeavors, you have options to share the pages with people you think would also enjoy them, and/or buy downloadable PDFs and ePub files for you to take with you and read offline, on your favorite devices, at your leisure.

Eric likes it enough to buy it!

We’re both really excited to be putting our art out in the world and hope that each of you finds something within it that either inspires, soothes, or comforts you as a human. Or does something entirely different-yet-beneficial—that'd be cool too!

Your support is so greatly appreciated, you have no idea. Simply by being there to receive this message, you inspire both of us to create new things, share our ideas, and bring projects to life.

Thank you for following along with my journey. There are many more exciting adventures and creations to come.

We hope you enjoy Just Stop, and that it helps you find some inner peace as you progress through your journey on this earth.

With love and appreciation as always,

Mike and Dain