Here Comes The Human Era of Work

A quick reflection on the state of the workplace, and what it means for the future of work, life, and humanity.

Life is not just about work, nor is work the sole focus of life.

Our lives today are drastically different than they have ever been before, thanks to a century of technological and economic prosperity. Yet somehow, the foundational philosophies and beliefs of most workplaces have not been upgraded for this modern networked world.

We have an abundance of possibility, yet most organizations are still operating with legacy systems, beliefs, and values that only hold the modern workforce back from growing into their potential and doing their best work.

The era we’re living in is one of knowledge, information, connectivity, and abundance — but it’s also an era of humanity. It’s an era of people, and an era where we the people finally have a way to make our voices heard, which is leading to a shift in power dynamics all around the world and throughout every aspect of life.

The people are raising their voices, making their needs heard, and those in power are feeling the pressure. It may not look like it given the current political climate, but that’s exactly what’s happening, thanks to political movements, digital technologies, and social activists.

And in organizations around the world — specifically workplaces that employ dozens, hundreds, and thousands of people — the leaders of these organizations are learning that in order to succeed in this modern landscape, they must take care of their people, service the needs of their people, and even give power to their people, instead of looking out only for the people at the top. As such, the dynamic between employer and worker is changing, and the people are starting to gain control over their relationship with their employer.

Looking ahead, this dynamic will only continue to shift, as more and more people begin to recognize that they, for the first time ever, have power and say when it comes to the relationship and agreement between employee and employer. And if an employer does not recognize this trend, and continues to operate with business as usual, they will lose out on hiring the best people, which will ultimately lead to the organization’s demise over time.

So, in conclusion, now is the time to reevaluate what it means to be a leading workplace. It’s time to explore and examine the dynamics and relationships between people and organizations, and work together to design engagements and environments that are mutually beneficial for both parties, as opposed to relationships where organizations only extract value from people while giving very little back.

It’s time to redesign life at work, and the role of work within life.

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