Good things take time

Ten years ago I wanted to be a productivity and digital systems coach but had never heard of anyone like that. I started designing and scheming what service offerings like this would look like, and doodled pages on pages of positioning statements, value propositions, and all those good business practices.

Never did I actually think I would do such work, as I had never heard of anyone coaching people to make better use of apps and digital systems.

Towards the end of a three year stint at a failing startup with a toxic-in-so-many-ways culture, I was catching up with a friend. They were listening to my rants and grand plans to help companies create welcoming, inclusive environments, and pointed me towards someone who use to work at an “Organizational Design Firm”—something I’d never heard of before.

After learning about Undercurrent, then The Ready, August, NOBL, and so many more, I felt like I had finally found my people—people who were advising organizations on more effective ways of working together, better ways of supporting team members, and what it takes to lead organizations into the future.

Now, this is literally what I do all day every day for an organization solving my for my fantasy: a circular economy for the goods and materials we use throughout each day.

What am I saying here?

I’m saying that you should go for what you want, because you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

Go document your plans. Write your vision. Pursue what you believe in and iterate iterate iterate your way forward. One percent better every day. Except on those shitty days. Rest on those. Rest is essential.

Believe in yourself, put yourself out there, lead with curiosity and a desire to understand, and you’ll never know where life will take you.

Good things take time.

Invest in yourself.