Asking for help in 2017

I set intentions every year, but never share them with the public, because typically they’re for me and no one else. But this year, I’m changing that.

Looking ahead into 2017, I’ve written down a variety of intentions, adjustments, and objectives, that are more along the lines of “lifestyle shifts,” such as reading books and not blogs, teaching myself to converse in Spanish, and training my newly adopted dog to be responsive and obedient! But I also have business objectives that are measurable, and more akin to goals and milestones.

As I continue to move forward along my journey of self-employment, I’m tapping into my vulnerability and doing something I don’t typically like to do: I’m asking for help!

I can’t do this alone, and I know you can’t either. That’s not how life works, and that’s not how success is created. I could write an entire blog post about this, but I doubt you’d want to read that, so, I’ve cut to the chase and listed out three things I’m tackling this year, and followed them with the ways you may be able to help me accomplish my 2017 objectives.

Naturally, I’d love your assistance in any way! Here are my three main objectives for 2017:

Run workshops to help people understand themselves and their fellow humans

I’ve successfully designed and facilitated workshops and training sessions in the past, but they were not intended to help people reconnect with their humanity, nor help organizations create more human workplace environments. Looking ahead, my big goal is to run workshops that help people think differently and design better strategies, deliver better work, and live better lives. Whether independently or as a part of an organization, my goal is to bring people together and guide them towards new insights, fresh ideas, and actionable commitments.

  • My ask of you: If you know people who may benefit from fresh perspectives and new insights, please introduce us so we can start the conversation!

Deliver at least three paid one-day or half-day engagements

My goal is to leave 2017 having been paid for at least three of these sessions. While ultimately I see myself averaging one per month, we all have to start somewhere! I’ve done pro bono work in the past, as well as multi-day training sessions for former employers and their networks, and would now like to run them based around my vision and my beliefs—and have it result in revenue for my company.

These could be strategy development sessions, perspective gaining “walk and talks,” or workshops to help leaders reconnect with, and empower employees with, their organization’s purpose. Or maybe an organization needs to transform their operations, but doesn’t know where to start. At the end of the day, my goal is to run many intensive sessions that help people and organizations think differently and propel themselves forward.

  • My ask of you: Every introduction is an opportunity, so if you know people who might be able to work with me on facilitating a workshop within their organization, please introduce me. Similarly, if you know people who seek to create change within their organization, I'll take that connection too! I don’t need a clear-cut opportunity; simply conversations with interesting people makes for a great starting point.

Sign clients with at least three different engagement types

I’ve done hourly and project-based contracting work, and intend to expand to multiple types of engagements throughout 2017. My goal is to book at least three different paid engagement styles, such as speaking, training, workshops, consulting, coaching, or contracting. I’ve already booked contracting work, so I have a head start! But the bigger, more exciting work (consulting, coaching, and workshop facilitation) are my priorities for expansion this year. I expect these consulting engagements will be more about organizational transformation, strategic operations, and shifting perspectives, while contracting engagements will continue along the lines of marketing, strategy, messaging, positioning, storytelling, branding, and creative direction.

  • My ask of you: If you ever have an opportunity to throw my name in the ring when someone you know is looking for help, and would benefit from someone like me bringing about fresh perspectives, please do so!

Thank you again for your ongoing support! You’re the absolute best, and I love you just for reading through this ❤️.

Mike’s expertise, combined with his ability to create a focused and collaborative environment, resulted in a strategy session that produced more than we could have hoped for. What we got out of our time with Mike has directly contributed to our continued success and for that I’m grateful. —Sylvester Mobley, Executive Director, Coded by Kids

Let me know how I can support YOU in 2017! That’s so much easier for me than asking for and receiving help ?.

You can always find me @miketnnnbm or

Happy New Year!