Are You Creating Forward Motion or Stop Energy?

Hi friends!

I’ve noticed something interesting over the past few weeks.

A few times, I’ve been deep in conversation with my wife, Arielle, and someone else - sharing ideas, riffing off each other, exploring thoughts, and talking excitedly about whatever topic is at hand. Then, in one moment, everything shifts. That person will say something so decisive, so firm, so negative, that it stops the conversation right in its tracks. The ideas are halted. The creativity has nowhere to go. It’s almost as if a wet towel has been thrown on a spark that’s about to turn into a flame.

This is called Stop Energy, and it’s really a bummer. It’s never a helpful energy to bring to a conversation, and always leads to a disruption of enjoyment!

I’m excited to share a post that dives deeply into the concept of Stop Energy and, alternatively, of Forward Motion. This post was written by the CTO of the company my wife works with, where he details out the concepts, its effects, and how we as individuals can combat the negative forces of Stop Energy. Arielle and I have applied these learnings towards the way in which we communicate with other people (as well as between the two of us), and we’ve already seen dramatic shifts now that we recognize and understand this fresh perspective.

Please enjoy Sunil’s words: Are You Creating Forward Motion or Stop Energy?

With that, I really hope you have a fantastic week ahead of you! If you have a moment, I’d love to hear how you notice Stop Energy as you move through your day.

With much appreciation as always, Mike