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Writer • Strategist • Technologist • Coach • Consultant

Hi, I'm Mike!

I'm on a mission to change the way we live, work, and operate in our always-connected 21st-century environment.

I believe the world has forever changed with the advent of the internet, yet we as humans haven’t at all figured out how to manage our always-connected, constantly-communicating, rapidly-evolving 21st-century lifestyles. We’re more connected than ever and live in the midst of an abundance of knowledge, information, and access, yet we’re more overwhelmed, distracted, and lost than ever before.

With so many friends and colleagues who feel overwhelmed, stressed, disengaged, lost, lacking purpose, seeking fulfillment, and working within organizations that cannot help but breed further negativity and problematic environments, I consider it my personal goal to help people reinvent themselves so they can reinvent their organizations. I believe we all deserve to be happy and live pleasant lives, and therefore we must reinvent how we work, which starts with reinventing why we work.

As a writer, strategist and solopreneur, I'm driven by my innate curiosity, ever-evolving creativity, and genuine interest in the lives and endeavors of those I meet along my journey. Few things bring me more joy than inspiring and guiding people as they move towards their dreams. As such, I’ve dedicated myself to helping emerging leaders create positive changes that transform their lives, organizations, and communities.

This space is used as a notebook, journal, and blog, full of musings and insights as I move through life and continue to learn and grow. Writing has been my favorite form of reflection, as it helps me understand my circumstances and look at the vast world beyond my day to day life. Most things are written for my eyes only, but occasionally I’ll put something out in the universe through this blog. on Medium, and/or LinkedIn.

I speak my mind a lot on Twitter, mostly about being present in life while exploring what interests you, and also quite a few tweets about leadership and mindfulness as applied to both personal and professional growth. Occasionally I’ll post photos to Instagram, when the beauty of the world is too much to keep to myself. As a way to update friends, family, and followers, I publish a semi-regular newsletter full of my writings, musings, and curated content designed to inspire.

Our futures will be very flexible, agile, entrepreneurial, globally distributed and purpose-driven, and I would be thrilled to explore how I can inspire you and your network to start creating positive changes that lead to more enjoyable, fulfilling lives.