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Coach, Consultant & Dreamer • Fueled by curiosity + creativity • Bringing back human connection and writing about my journey

Let's create the life you want!

I believe we all deserve to be happy and live pleasant lives, and I'm doing what I can to help people like us move towards where we want to be in life. I'm a dreamer fueled by curiosity and creativity, with strong beliefs in authenticity, gratitude, optimism and mindfulness. I'm learning by doing and writing about my adventures.

This space is used as a notebook, journal and canvas for me to expose whatever ideas, thoughts and ramblings I am compelled to put out to the world. While I enjoy writing, I'm new to releasing my words in to the wild so your feedback is welcome and encouraged. My goal is to write more and more, so this space will continue to evolve and my list of essays will continue to grow.

I speak my mind a lot on Twitter, mostly about being present in life, exploring things around you, and quite a few tweets about nerdiness and technology. Recently I've started a newsletter to share my writings, musings and projects, plus carefully curated content about personal growth, life insights, and society in our always-connected world. I'd be honored for you to join me, explore with me, and converse with me as I progress along my journey.